Cannes Lions 2014

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    • Community type: Polarized Crowd

      Polarized discussions feature two big and dense groups that have little connection between them. The topics being discussed are often highly divisive and heated political subjects. Polarized Crowds on Twitter are not arguing. They are ignoring one another while pointing to different web resources and using different hashtags.


      Political controversy: divisive topics display separated "echo chamber" structure.

    • Community type: Tight Crowd

      These discussions are characterized by highly interconnected people with few isolated participants. Many conferences, professional topics, hobby groups, and other subjects that attract communities take this Tight Crowd form.


      Hobbies, professional topics, conferences. No "outsiders", all participants are "members".

    • Community type: Brand Clusters

      When well-known products or services or popular subjects like celebrities are discussed in Twitter, there is often commentary from many disconnected participants. Well-known brands and other popular subjects can attract large fragmented Twitter populations who tweet about it but not to each other.


      Brands, public events, popular subjects.

    • Community type: Community Clusters

      Some popular topics may develop multiple smaller groups, which often form around a few hubs each with its own audience, influencers, and sources of information. These Community Clusters conversations look like bazaars with multiple centers of activity.


      Global media topics.

    • Community type: Broadcast Network

      Twitter commentary around breaking news stories and the output of well-known media outlets and pundits has a distinctive hub and spoke structure in which many people repeat what prominent news and media organizations tweet. The members of the Broadcast Network audience are often connected only to the hub news source, without connecting to one another.


      News and media outlets, famous individuals.

    • Community type: Support Network

      In the Support Network structure, the hub account replies to many otherwise disconnected users, creating outward spokes. In contrast, in the Broadcast pattern, the hub gets replied to or retweeted by many disconnected people, creating inward spokes.


      Companies and services with customer support.

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    • 1 Ogilvy & Mather @Ogilvy

      Official Twitter feed of Ogilvy & Mather

    • 2 Cannes Lions @Cannes_Lions

      The world's biggest get-together of people interested in creativity. This year's Festival: 17–24 June.

    • 3 Khai @ThamKhaiMeng

      Loves marshmallows! Never tried coffee. Worldwide Chief Creative Officer @Ogilvy

    • 4 scott cullather @scullather

      Founder & Global Managing Partner @inVNT a brand communications agency that changes the way people think, feel, behave & perform.

    • 5 JARED LETO @JaredLeto

      LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS & ARTIFACT both available on #iTunes. not all tweets my own

    • 7 Campaign @Campaignmag

      The world’s leading business magazine for the advertising, marketing and media communities. Marketing: @MarketingUK, Media: @MediaWeek, Jobs: @CampaignJobsUK

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