Why Bluenod?

What is Bluenod?

Why use Bluenod?

What are the benefits?

  • Win high level followers

    Target the right influencers of your communities. Follow them. Add them to your lists. They will be notified and some will follow you back.
  • Get more retweets

    Find your influencers. Know their interests through the hashtag they use and mention them with content they love. Your message will spread faster!
  • Expend your influence network

    Know your influencers' communities: who are they talking with? How do they interact? Don't just engage with your influencers. Your influencers' influencers are valuable too!
  • Close more deals and win more clients

    Show their communities to your prospects so they better understand your strategy. Add Bluenod visualizations to your proposals and make the difference.
  • Make your communities love you

    Show their community to your readers and followers. Give praise and mention the most active users, you will win their hearts.

How do I use Bluenod?