Bluenod is a simple way to find influencers with Twitter visualization.

Interactive Twitter visualization map display
  • Reveal the social graph behind the tweets.

    Get the global picture of any community related to a Twitter user or hashtag. Through its smart web interface, Bluenod gives you instant access to an interactive Twitter visualization. The social dynamic of conversation can be hard to grasp with classic Twitter feeds. With Bluenod, it's beautiful how complexity becomes easy.

  • Find influencers. Quickly.

    Bluenod is used by thousands of community managers and PR specialists to identify and target the right people. In the blink of an eye, find who are the most influential users of your communities. Add them to your Twitter lists and engage in the best way with them.

  • Get more retweets.

    Communities like to be cared for. And that's why when a Bluenod Twitter map is broadcasted on Twitter, it gets 3 times more retweets than on average. Sharing Bluenod maps is a great way to engage your communities with valuable content.

  • Show complexity with a Twitter map. It's easy.

    Make the difference with stunning visualizations. Bluenod creates automated lists that you can easily display on the graphs. Now you can understand your communities better. And it's simple to show them to your clients and colleagues.

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  • Visualize any hashtag or Twitter account

    Keep track of all your communities. Create Twitter visualizations based on all tweets referring to your events and your brands.

  • Access valuable information about influencers

    See who are the influencers of yours communities. Know their different social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and their last updates.

  • Manage and export influencers lists

    Bluenod helps you to organize your Twitter lists. Display your lists on your Twitter maps and export them from Bluenod.

  • Get a handy dashboard

    Bluenod dashboard provides you with core information on your communities. Learn more

  • Analyze custom time period

    Visualize your communities on the timelapse that makes sense to you. Analyze your communities deeply and precisely by selecting custom time periods to the minute.

  • Export your data

    Data from your Twitter maps are precious and can all be exported: tweets, users and lists. Download your data as a spreadsheet directly from your Twitter maps.

  • Display on big screens

    Turn your Twitter map into a stunning live event content.

  • Share your Twitter maps

    Broadcast your Twitter maps to engage your communities.

  • Embed on your site

    Showcast your communities permanently by embedding them on your blog or event website.