Why Bluenod? 

  • Why visualize my communities?Twitter feeds are great to manage content. But there is so much information out there that it is hard to understand what our communities look like. Social behaviour is hidden behind mentions, retweets, favourites and replies. Understanding who is talking to who, and who might be the most important person in the room is just painful without a social map. That’s why we created Bluenod: to give you in a simple way the insight you need to understand and manage your communities, not just content.

 What is Bluenod? 

  • What do it see on Bluenod maps?You can visualize a community related to a specific Twitter user or hashtag. You will get a Bluenod map of all the Twitter accounts who mentioned or had an interaction with your search object. 
  • What are the nodes?Each node stands for a Twitter account. 
  • What are the links between the nodes?Two nodes are linked when one of them mentioned the other. 
  • Why do the nodes have different sizes?Bigger nodes indicate the most mentioned and retweeted Twitter users. 
  • What data is used to build the maps?Each map is made with the results of the Twitter search related to the user or hashtag you typed in. 
  • What are the “automated lists”?Bluenod builds up automated lists based on users info to make categories and help you more readily: those you follow, the hashtags they use etc. 
  • What kind of information can I get from the maps?On a Bluenod map, you will be able to quickly identify:
    – the influencers in any given community
    – how they interact with other users
    – hashtags used by your community
    – those you already follow
    – the members of your Twitter lists who took part in the conversation

 Why use Bluenod? 

  • Use Bluenod for Digital PR- Find influencers quickly
    – Manage your Twitter lists directly via Bluenod
    – Export data and get more insight on hashtags 
  • Use Bluenod for Community Building- Target topic-related communities
    – Identify influencers and their networks
    – Connect with key influencers to share your best content 
  • Use Bluenod for Events- Visualize real time information
    – Display your event community and embed your map
    – Manage attendees Twitter lists

 What are the benefits? 

  • Win high level followersTarget the right influencers of your communities. Follow them. Add them to your lists. They will be notified and some will follow you back. 
  • Get more retweetsFind your influencers. Know their interests through the hashtag they use and mention them with content they love. Your message will spread faster! 
  • Expend your influence networkKnow your influencers’ communities: who are they talking with? How do they interact? Don’t just engage with your influencers. Your influencers’ influencers are valuable too! 
  • Close more deals and win more clientsShow their communities to your prospects so they better understand your strategy. Add Bluenod visualizations to your proposals and make the difference. 
  • Make your communities love youShow their community to your readers and followers. Give praise and mention the most active users, you will win their hearts.

 How do I use Bluenod?