Why Bluenod?

What is Bluenod?

  • What do it see on Bluenod maps?

    You can visualize a community related to a specific Twitter user or hashtag. You will get a Bluenod map of all the Twitter accounts who mentioned or had an interaction with your search object.
  • What are the nodes?

    Each node stands for a Twitter account.
  • Why do the nodes have different sizes?

    Bigger nodes indicate the most mentioned and retweeted Twitter users.
  • What data is used to build the maps?

    Each map is made with the results of the Twitter search related to the user or hashtag you typed in.
  • What are the "automated lists"?

    Bluenod builds up automated lists based on users info to make categories and help you more readily: those you follow, the hashtags they use etc.
  • What kind of information can I get from the maps?

    On a Bluenod map, you will be able to quickly identify:<br /> - the influencers in any given community<br /> - how they interact with other users<br /> - hashtags used by your community<br /> - those you already follow<br /> - the members of your Twitter lists who took part in the conversation
  • How are influencers calculated?

    Influencers lists can be found on your maps dashboard and on the influencers page. Based on your live maps and the selected time frame, influencers are Twitter users who tweeted and were the most mentioned and retweeted.

Why use Bluenod?

What are the benefits?

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