Bluenod dashboard provides you with core information on your Twitter map.
Ready for reporting!

  • Tweets

    Check how many tweets were recorded for a time period and visualize tweets frequency with the right precision (down to the minute).

  • Network data

    Bluenod Twitter maps are based on mentions and retweets. We provide you the essentials network information so you can compare Twitter maps.

  • Twitter community type

    Depending on how Twitter users interact with each other, your Twitter maps will look differently. We provide you a simple categorization based on the latest research on Twitter communities.

  • Top Twitter influencers

    Get to know your Twitter maps influencers, with most mentions, followers and tweeting activity. They’re also the most valuable members of your communities!

  • Top Twitter hashtags

    Get access to the top hashtags used by the community for any time period.

  • Most shared content

    Get to know the top content shared by the community.